Helen Rook is a professionally qualified executive business coach and HR practitioner, living and working in Somerset.

5 Key Questions

Take a few moments to think strategically about your business…

The top 3 causes of wasted time in businesses (and as we know; time is money) are;

  • Inefficient processes
  • Overload of paperwork
  • Meetings

(2015 Powering Productivity Whitepaper by Planview).

Can you identify which elements in your business are most/least productive and why?

But there are other indicators;
Staff satisfaction, your own rating of business success, competitor comparison, customer feedback, number of leads / conversions, customer retention etc.
Some businesses measure, some use gut instinct, some do both.

What are your indicators telling you?

That’s a hard one.

How well do you know your staff? What interests them? What obstacles are in their way?
How would you describe the working atmosphere?

So maybe you have a performance management system or maybe you don’t.

Staff costs are substantial in most businesses.
Does the performance of your people weigh up to the staff cost investment?
Your people can make or break your business; you need them on-side and performing.

Today’s age of digital technology, information overload and crisis management make it increasingly hard to separate the important things from everything else. Many executives appreciate confidential ‘thinking space’ to work one to one on the important challenges they face with a qualified executive business coach.

Thinking about your personal development….

These decisions impact on all aspects of our lives (i.e. personal time, money, enjoyment, others, the way we think about ourselves). Career coaching helps you to objectively analyse all the factors and enables clear confident decision making. 
Many people suffer a dip in confidence after time out from the workplace, for whatever reason. Maybe you’re looking for a new change too. Coaching support will identify your expertise and potential, find out the obstacles so you can plan achievable steps to your goals.
Perhaps you secretly already know or perhaps you haven’t a clue. Coaching provides real time non-judgemental feedback in a confidential arena. No better place to evaluate your performance and start the journey to your goal.
In the sporting world, we’re not remotely surprised by the use of sports coaches for athletes to perform at the top of their game, so why should we be in the business world? Coaching support is tailored to individuals; to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • “The first step towards change is awareness. The second is acceptance “

    (Nathaniel Branden)