Unlock your career,  your expertise,   your confidence.

What is career coaching ?

It all starts with a conversation.

Not a normal conversation, but one that asks the important questions, builds trust and honesty, explores your expertise, career aspirations and your determination. Then (often where other training/learning falls short), propels you step by step on your development journey, providing continuous one to one support, until old habits are changed to new and your success is achieved. 

As a qualified and experience HR practitioner and Business coach, I understand the business environment; processes for promotion, reward and recognition, performance management, interviews, talent development, career opportunities etc. At HRHR we’re experienced recruiters who can help individuals prepare for promotion, job application and interview processes.”We want coaching” say high fliers (Financial Times 9th Oct 2013)

Do you need to invest time in your career path, your work life situation or your professional development?

How well do you know your working self?  Some people can tell you in an instant which areas they excel at and those things that require more development, others may not know. How accurate are these self assessments?

Coaching provides a rare opportunity to gain direct feedback, explore perceptions and reality and to unlock your potential, all within a supportive and confidential environment.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  

C.G. Jung